Laundry Soap…so exciting!


Not even being sarcastic, I am SOO excited!

So, I’ve been on the path of ridding our house of pretty much all chemicals for years, at least eight striving and at least four more before that halfheartedly.  Anyone else?

Anyway, sometime around 2008 I made my first batch of laundry soap.  It was a liquid one that used a five gallon bucket and lots of grating fels-naptha bars and stirring.  And, when it ran out the thought of making it again was quite discouraging.  I then moved to a dry powder using fels-naptha and borax, much easier to make (even with the grating of the bar), however, it still didn’t quite work.  All my husband’s white shirts eventually took on a dingy, icky look even though they were clean.

Then I moved to a different liquid, this one using mostly borax and washing soda, but you just dissolved in hot water…very easy.  However, this one, if you left the clothes in the washer for longer than about 10 minutes after it stopped the clothes started to smell a little bit musty.  Sometimes you’d pull a shirt from your drawer, and even if it’d been washed the week before, it would have that musty smell on it.  Gross.

Then, I went to a Health Food Co-op place and looked at the laundry soap…I couldn’t really afford anything, but figured I might get an idea to help and I did!  They had a quart jar of a dry laundry soap with the ingredients on it, “Washing Soda, Baking Soda, Castile Soap.”  I was floored, there couldn’t be a way to make a good laundry soap from those THREE items and no borax?!?!

So I made up a recipe, the recipe I’m going to share with you today.  I have no idea if these are the same ratios that they used at the store…it’s probably not, but it’s the ratio that makes it easy for me to remember. 1 C Baking Soda to 1 Cup Washing Soda to 1 Tablespoon Castile Soap.  I usually make a double batch, but when I get some more Castile Soap I’ll probably make a quad batch just for the fun of it, because I’m cool like that.

Oh, I totally forgot to tell you that I’ve been using this recipe for about two months now and I accidentally left a load in the washer for a day and it didn’t have that mildew smell!  Also, my husband has remarked that his shirts don’t smell at all, even the ones from last week.  I use Dr. Wood’s Almond Castile Soap because it’s cheaper, but you can use an unscented one if you want.  If the price of castile soap puts you off to trying the recipe, check out your local Health Food Co-op and see if they have it in bulk!

Alright, here is a graphic I made to cement it in your brains!  Wow, to think this is one of my longer posts, about Laundry Soap, my high school self would be scandalized…well maybe not. 🙂

Happy Laundry Day/Week/Life to you all!

Want to get the ingredients?  Castile Soap, Washing Soda and Baking Soda