Norwex…cleaning the easy way?


Okay, so I was invited to a Norwex party maybe nine years ago?  And I didn’t have the money or the brainpower (something about having a bunch of little kids running around) to order anything or look at it very much.

Then, a couple months ago I was invited to another FB party for Norwex, since it was on FB and I could just show up in my p.j.’s I figured huh, wonder what it’s about.  The party was run very well and had this amazing video that really helped me see the benefit of Norwex products.  I’ve already explored the awesome benefits of silver, so this totally makes sense.

Watch this video and COME BACK HERE. 🙂

What did you think?  How many times have you wiped up egg and then forgotten to disinfect?  I love the idea that I can clean with a cloth and have it actually be CLEAN!!

I don’t think I’ll go full board with Norwex, but I did sign up with the ‘Try it’ kit that was on sale a couple months after the party!  Here is my business page link if you want to try out some of the products.  My kit came with a veggie cloth, a window cloth and a regular one (and some other goodie)!  I should do my own you-tube video!  I love that the cloths are safe for kids and KILL germs easy peasy!


I think I want the dust mitt next, that sounds heavenly to hand it to the kids and have them fight over who gets to dust!


Which product looks the most interesting to you?

If you’d like to purchase, I would love to help!  Check out the catalog, e-mail me ( what you’d like and I’ll send you an invoice!