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Hello Lilla Rose World!

Lilla Rose

Hello!  I am not a hair person or a make up person or a dress up person, however I do like to not look like I just rolled out of bed.  Lilla Rose flexi clips were just the thing for that, they allow me to not spend hours, but mere minutes in the bathroom and come out complete.  Often I will pocket the flexi I want and do my hair in the car!

What I love about Lilla Rose:

  1. Durable as well as Lovely
Tree of Life-XS 2
Tree of Life


  1. All one Piece10887087_10203536856493970_1719559798327568644_o
  2.   Elegant without Pretense
    Scrollwork Heart Cherry
    French Twist the easy way.


    3. Selection…HUGE selection of beautiful designs to meet the needs of every occasion!

Five of Seven Sizes for lots of different hair style options.


BP-Princess Tiara 2
Princess Tiara Bobby Pins

4. Holds every size of hair

Mega…Middle of back, thick hair!
For thinner hair too!


Lilla Rose has flexis in seven sizes, U-Pins, Bobby Pins, Hairsticks and Hairbands, as well as Badge holders and Flexi-O’s.

Visit my FB page for hair style ideas or to ask questions, sign up for notifications and browse the beautiful options!

You-Tube Intro to Lilla Rose!