American Guinea Hogs

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American Guinea Hogs–For Sale!!


We have 17 little piglets that are ready to join your farm and eventually your table!  However, they’re a smaller breed so you could even have them as a pet.

Here is our daughter laughing her head off because the stinkin’ pig jumped out of the laundry basket straight into her arms!


According to the American Guinea Hog Association, “The American Guinea Hog is the ideal sustainable heritage farm pig, known for its moderate size, excellent foraging abilities, friendly temperament, excellently flavored meat and indispensable lard.  While the American Guinea Hog is smaller than industrial hog breeds, it is a good-sized farm pig providing a nice, well-marbled carcass.”

$75 for one little piggie

$140 for two little piggies

$200 for three little piggies

Contact us for pick-up information–located in Northern Idaho




Usborne Books

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I. Love. Books.  I do.  I usually fill the shelves with good condition books from yard sales and thrift shops.  I love the feeling of finding a super awesome deal on a book.

However, if I do spend actual money on a book, it’s an Usborne Book.  These books are awesome, great, wonderful, fabulous, incredible, affordable…your choice on which word fits best.

I like to say that the non-fiction is my favorite, but then I look at the little kid books and fawn over them too, as well as the wipe-clean ones and oh, I love, love, love the condensed classics (Shakespeare, Dickens, other classics in a compilation, old fairy tales that have been lost over time)…yeah, I think you get the picture. I. Love. Usborne. Books.

Here are some from my personal collection, I was awarded most of these for a party I held.


Here are a couple reviews of some of our favorites.

Also, my good friend Chelsea happens to be a consultant and she’d love to help you host your own FB party, or you can just drain your savings account and spurge on all the amazing titles!  Click below to see everything.

Our Menagerie of Animals

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Alright, menagerie isn’t quite the correct word because “A menagerie is a collection of captive animals, frequently exotic, kept for display; or the place where such a collection is kept, a precursor to the modern zoological garden.”  We are not housing exotic animals, but maybe our house is exotic?  Anyway, here are our current animal residents.

Ruby, beautiful, playful Ruby.


Jo-Jo and her kitten crew


The Sheep.  Yes, they’re sheep.  Katahdin sheep who have hair and not wool.  These are our ‘lawn mowers’ who help keep the grass and thus the defensible space under control.


The Pigs.  Papa Pig, two mom pigs, Ham & Bacon, my two favorites.  They are obnoxiously out all the time, we’ve been working and working on keeping them in…I’m sure we’ll do a you-tube video of attempt #76 soon.


Chickens…laying chickens.


Chickens…meat chickens.  Cornish X, nice fat fryer chickens.


Lonely Duck, our other ducks were not fast enough and have been hurt by aerial birds.  Soon we’ll try and boost up our flock.  Ducks like being around other ducks, safety in numbers etc.  They will stick around chickens, but they prefer water and ducks!


Well, I think that’s it unless you count the neighbor boys.

Every animal has a reason, even the cats.

You-Tube Channel

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Please take a moment and subscribe to our You-Tube channel.  We will be adding many, many videos on anything and everything dealing with our site.  We will try to keep most videos under 5 minutes because honestly, who has the time to watch 30 minutes at a time?  At times we will make longer segments, but short and sweet is our goal.

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