The Right Tools…Butchering


While butchering chickens and meat chickens don’t require a lot, if any, extra tools, butchering pigs, deer and elk do! My husband was doing it, butchering animals without the proper tools, he did so without complaining, even though it took three times longer. He is fabulous at ‘jury-rigging’ things, but sometimes there just isn’t a substitute for the right tool! In comes his birthday and his birthday gift which has been FABULOUS for getting those animals into the freezer quicker. There are larger and smaller options, but we went with the medium one from Outdoor Edge. I love that it comes in a great case so that if we put it away it’s safe! 🙂

Happy Birthday!


If you’re wondering where to get this kit or one similar…Amazon, where else?  Here is an affiliate link to help you get there quickly…

Outdoor Edge WP-2 Wild Pak Field-to-Freezer Game Processing Set (8-Piece)


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