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I. Love. Books.  I do.  I usually fill the shelves with good condition books from yard sales and thrift shops.  I love the feeling of finding a super awesome deal on a book.

However, if I do spend actual money on a book, it’s an Usborne Book.  These books are awesome, great, wonderful, fabulous, incredible, affordable…your choice on which word fits best.

I like to say that the non-fiction is my favorite, but then I look at the little kid books and fawn over them too, as well as the wipe-clean ones and oh, I love, love, love the condensed classics (Shakespeare, Dickens, other classics in a compilation, old fairy tales that have been lost over time)…yeah, I think you get the picture. I. Love. Usborne. Books.

Here are some from my personal collection, I was awarded most of these for a party I held.


Here are a couple reviews of some of our favorites.

Also, my good friend Chelsea happens to be a consultant and she’d love to help you host your own FB party, or you can just drain your savings account and spurge on all the amazing titles!  Click below to see everything.

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